Good things about Ohio

I am really going to try to make the most out of this move.  I keep saying it is temporary, but you know I can't be crazy the entire time we live here. 
So, in no particular order I will try to find the good things a few at a time...  

  1. Alex told me that he LOVES his school
  2. I found the lime green couch at the West Chester IKEA
  3. There is an Archivers 2 minutes West of the apartment
  4. Skyline Chili - It should have been first
  5. Mason Schools kick butt...and I am really hard to please.
  6. Circle Meet Up
  7. My Imagine was shipped here
  8. Tylersville Road Michaels
  9. Even snotty Ohio people are nice
  10. Traffic is virtually non-existent where we live
  11. Everything I would ever need is within 5 minutes
  12. George Cloony went to my daughter's school, and I am trying to stage a "return to your elementary" world holiday.  :)
  13. Jimmy Buffet coined the phrase "parrot head" in Mason, Ohio

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TeresaK said...

Hi there.... I am another Circle member who also was a Demo Army demonstrator for the Cricut products. I believe we "emailed" before... I live in Centerville, OH, about 45 min or so north of Cinci. Found your blog and wanted to thank you for sharing your talents. How are you enjoying Ohio now that you've been here a while? Still in the hotel? Have you gone to Archivers? Hope you are enjoying the area more now!

thescrapbookgirl said...

Ohio isn't bad. It is just tough being the new guy. Send me your email. Love to have an Ohio pal to chat with. Are you demoing in November?

Sandy said...

Okay you need to add #12....ME!!!!
You do live in a great area, no I am NOT biased.
Oh, and you get snow days here!

I am glad you are here, get Bridgette to move here too!

Amanda said...

I also live in ohio. I live about 45 mins. away from columbus. the great thing about where I live is I have a Joanns right out my back door, and Michaels right down the road and a Hobby Lobby accross the street. Not a good combo when you are trying to save money.

Chrissie said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog post at! I too am an Ohio transplant. Born and raised in Northern Kentucky, so I'm not far from home :). I live on the west side of Cincinnati, so I am extremely close to you. what are circle members and what do you demonstrate?

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